The CHATTER program was the first community based social skills group in Edmonton. For over 15 years CHATTER has helped children and teens learn to socialize and build relationships with peers successfully. Many children registered in this group are diagnosed with autism, however, a specific diagnosis is not required to enter. Families must be registered with Disability Services in order to access CHATTER. The programs are scheduled at the Terwilligar Recreation Centre on Thursday evenings and Fountain Park Pool in St. Albert on Wednesday evenings. Trained peers join the program to help mentor a CHATTER registrant to communicate, socialize, and make friends.

CHATTER kids benefit greatly from the support and assistance provided by the peer mentors and group leaders. The speech-language pathologist develops lesson plans for each group, carefully designed for the various needs of the participants. A series of parent meetings are also provided during the semester so that families are well informed of the goals of their child's groups and how theories and strategies are applied in social skill activities. Parents also benefit from sharing experiences in a supportive environment.


CHATTER runs in two semesters:

  • January to June - 26 week program
  • September to December - 13 week program

Once a referral is received from the case worker, an initial consultaiton is scheduled at our office. You will meet the speech-language pathologist to determine if CHATTER will meet your child's needs, and which group is best suited:

CHATTER A - Program for young children 5 to 8 years of age, to develop joint attention, symbolic play, expressive language and social discourse

CHATTER B - Program for elementary aged children to develop an increased awareness of friends in the same space, perspective taking, emotions, retelling,conversational skills and managing the unexpected

CHATTER C - Program for adolescence and teens to learn conversation skills, self awareness,  self monitoring, repairing interactions, nonverbal cues, and frienship skills