CHATTER is a group-therapy program for children and teenagers with autism spectrum disorder and other social-communication delays. We invite high-school and university volunteers to help program participants develop their social, language, and communication skills.

You must be in grade 9 or higher to be eligible to volunteer.

Our program runs from September to December and from January to June. Volunteers must be willing to commit to volunteer for at least an entire semester.

CHATTER runs every week at the Fountain Park Recreation Centre in St. Albert and at the Terwillegar Recreation Centre in Edmonton. Our sessions run at 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 Wednesday evenings in St. Albert and Thursday evenings in Terwillegar. Each session is one hour long. Please commit only to sessions you can attend consistently each week.

Please fill out the following form to apply to volunteer with CHATTER. We will contact you once we have reviewed your application.

All new and returning volunteers must attend a mandatory orientation and training session before volunteering.

Terwillegar orientation: evening of Thursday, September 5th at the Terwillegar Recreation Centre

The first day of CHATTER in Terwillegar will be Thursday, September 12.

St. Albert orientation: evening of Tuesday, September 17th at Fountain Park Recreation Centre

The first day of CHATTER in St. Albert for new volunteers will be Wednesday, September 18th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

What program/faculty are you currently enrolled in? (If you are in high-school, which programs/faculties are you considering applying to, if any?) If you are not pursuing or planning to pursue post-secondary education, please specify your current occupation. *
What experience do you have working with vulnerable populations (children, the elderly, individuals with disabilities, etc.)?
What career/occupation are you considering or currently working towards? Why does this field interest you?
What do you hope to learn from you experience with CHATTER?
Please provide 5 adjectives you would use to describe yourself.
Which locations/groups are you interested in volunteering with? (Please select only groups you can attend consistently each week.)
I understand that my commitment to this program is important and I am able commit to the program consistently each week from September to June (with a break in the winter). Please note that we can accept only a limited number of university students from out-of-town who cannot commit to the program until the beginning of June.
I am able to attend the mandatory orientation on the evening of Tuesday, September 17th for St. Albert volunteers OR Thursday, September 5th for Terwillegar volunteers.
Is there any additional information you would like us to consider as we review your application? (If no, please write N/A.)
I certify that all the above information is true, and I recognize that providing false information may result in my application being rejected, or that I may be asked to leave the program.