1. I will partner with a person who is registered in the CHATTER program. I will help my partner listen to the group lesson and practice the skills that are taught in the group. I will do the lesson as instructed by the group leader.
  2. I will develop a positive relationship with my partner, other children in the group, and the group leaders. I will not use a cell phone or bring food/drinks to the group.
  3. I will help him/her pay attention in the group as best as I can. I am not responsible for behavior management, and I will let the group leader know when I need help with my partner.
  4. I acknowledge that the group leader will videotape the sessions and I agree to be part of recordings that are used in the learning process.
  5. I understand that young people who are registered in the CHATTER program are learning social skills, and I agree to support them positively. I will not disclose private information to other people at school or in the community.
  6. I understand that my commitment to this program is important. I agree to attend consistently, and to notify the staff of any absences beforehand.