Language Enrichment Program

The FNMI Language Enrichment Program is a school based intervention program that provides early language and literacy experiences to children who are at risk for reading delays. The program particularly targets students who are identified as Fist Nation or Metis background. Treena Anand, Jennifer Schulmeister and Cara Landreth, speech language pathologists, lead the language enrichment program in 9 elementary schools in Northern Alberta.  At the start of the school year students from Kindergarten and Grade 1 receive an initial screening.  The results are analyzed to determine if any student presents with delays in language and literacy development. Classroom goals are then established and progress is measured throughout the school year.  The speech-language pathologist and teacher work together to target the goals and maintain ongoing outcome data.  Workshops are provided to teachers to help them modify classroom activities to help children with language delays learn the curriculum successfully. Workshops are also provided to parents so that they have opportunities to learn how to support their children at home.  It is the least intrusive way to provide an enriched program for children who present with language delays and are at risk for delayed literacy skills.

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