In 2010 Arif Khan developed an innovative approach to providing a range of services to First Nation and Metis communities in Northern Alberta.  Tandberg systems and telepractice protocols were designed in accordance with privacy protocols set forth in the Telepractice guidelines by the Alberta College of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists.  Our agency does not support the use of webcams to provide services in schools. Webcam systems with Skype do not ensure privacy and encryption to the extent required for privacy regulations. We do not use computer games or software to target communication goals. Videoconferencing is used to observe and guide educational assistants, and to collaborate with teachers. Initial assessments and direct intervention is conducted on site at the school.  

Services provided using telepractice include:

  • Workshops for parents, teachers, and educational assistants
  • Supervision of assistants working with students
  • Collaboration with teachers on IPP goals
  • Screenings and informal assessments
  • Curriculum adaptations for students with special needs

Our agency implements telepractice using  state of the art video conferencing suites combined with global connectivity, which allows us to deliver a high quality and secure service with great ease.  The standards and protocols for using videoconferencing were developed in consultation with a highly specialized technology team. Our systems consist of:

  • The latest Tandberg videoconferencing suites
  • Direct access with Supernet bridging
  • Firewalls and security settings that ensure encryption of audio and images.
  • Privacy protocols that meet standards of health regions and schools

Evaluation of Telepractice Services

In 2006 Alberta Health Services (formally Aspen Regional Health Authority) initiated an independent evaluation to study our technology and our services. Evaluators determined that our services were "effective and progressive". Each year more schools in rural Alberta have gained access to a speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, and behavioral consultant from our agency.