School Services

Our clinicians use telepractice to support teachers in delivering an educational program to students. We provide a range of screenings and assessments to identify a student’s needs. In Alberta we conduct screenings in ECS programs to identify PUF students, provide treatment plans for all students who require support services, consult with teachers and train educational assistants to implement treatment goals. In addition, a range of workshops and in-services can be provided to teachers, educational assistants and parents.

Articulation, Phonology, and Motor Speech Disorders

This workshop teaches participants strategies to shape or stimulate correct sound production, learn to use a hierarchy for teaching speech sounds, and develop an understanding for common phonological processes. Participants gain an awareness of common motor speech disorders such as apraxia and dysarthria.

Language Intervention - Content, Form, Use

This workshop reviews the different components of language including morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Participants understand the difference between receptive, expressive and social language, and are able to generate strategies to target goals in a treatment plan developed by a speech-language pathologist.

Following Directions and Auditory Processing

Does your child need everything repeated twice? Do you often find yourself needing to simplify instructions? Learn ways to teach young students to follow along and anticipate instructions. Learn the prompt hierarchy and how to fade them gradually.

Grammatical Structures

When students with language delays leave out grammatical structures such as “is”, “are”, past tense, possessives, it is difficult to understand their message. This workshop will provide an overview of grammatical structures, the hierarchy of development and how to cue them using games and activities.

Narrative instruction in reading

Reading books is a wonderful way to build language skills. In this workshop, you will learn ways to make reading interactive and help a young child creative narrative.

We have a range of workshops on Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems

Introduction to AAC

This workshop introduces you to Augmentative and Alternative communication or AAC. You will learn myths versus fact about AAC and obtain an understanding of how to introduce AAC to a learner and how to facilitate interactions with various AAC devices.

AAC Intervention

This workshop focuses on three intervention approaches to implement AAC through routines, core words, and/or communication functions (e.g. requesting, asking/answering questions, commenting, labelling, protesting, etc.).

Reading and AAC

In this workshop we will review various apps that will help a learner become an active participant in story telling.

Introduction to Touch Chat and Lamp

This in service will provider learners with an overview the Touch Chat or LAMP AAC system. Participants will learn how to choose vocabulary, adding templates, editing, and personalizing the system.