We provide workshops for aides and assistants in school divisions that contract our services.

Speech Language Delays and Disorders

This workshop reviews basic knowledge of speech and language development from 0 to 5 years of age. Participants will learn the differences between speech and language delays versus disorders. The instructor provides an overview of some basic screenings tools and parent questionnaires that indicate further assessments for articulation and language delays.

Articulation, Phonology, and Motor Speech Disorders

This workshop teaches the differences between articulation and phonology delays and disorders. Participants attain strategies to shape or stimulate correct sound production, learn to use a hierarchy for teaching speech sounds, and develop an understanding for common phonological processes. Participants gain an awareness of common motor speech disorders such as apraxia and dysarthria.

Language Intervention - Content, Form, Use

This workshop reviews the different components of language including morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Participants understand the difference between receptive, expressive and social language, and are able to generate strategies to target goals in each area.

Classroom Based SLP Interventions and Supports

This presentation demonstrates how to implement visual supports that promote speech and language therapy goals in the classrooms. Participants gain an understanding of how to effectively implement a cuing hierarchy and learn when NOT to cue. This workshop is beneficial for all educators including teachers.

Learning to use the PLS and CELF-4 Screenings

This in service is for assistants who can help teachers and speech pathologists identify which students are at risk for speech and language delays and therefore, require a comprehensive formal assessment.  When educational assistants are trained on using the PLS and CELF 4 Screening tools, schools are able to make appropriate referrals to a speech language pathologist with great efficiency.